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Praise for the Women Inspired! podcast:

"What a great weekly dose of inspiration and motivation to conquer your dreams. I don't care if you're a woman or a man--these stories are remarkable and you should totally listen. April is succinct, poignant and gets to the heart of the matter with each interview."

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"Everything I needed right now as I am feeling my entire life shift in this incredibly positive and powerful way! I can't wait to listen to all of these podcasts on my morning drive!"

Kate F.

"April is a vibrant, brilliant woman who is bringing her passion and positivity to everyone with this podcast and movement. The take away messages and themes from these interviews leave me feeling pumped up, ready, and capable of making changes and connecting with the world."

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Podcast Playlists

Sometimes, you just need a big dose of inspiration of a particular variety, whether it's inspiration to love your body or to overcome a difficult situation. These podcast playlists are just what you need! Explore the topics below, and be sure to check back! I'm always adding new episodes to these playlists as I interview new, inspiring women!


Do you ever lose sight of what's really, truly important in life? Do you need inspiration to help you squeeze every last ounce out of this one amazing life you have been given? Each of these interviews contains lessons and messages that will help you focus on what really matters and take charge of your one, beautiful life!


Each of the interviews below contains a discussion that will make you think differently about your body, and more importantly, what it's capable of!


Each woman featured on this playlist has a POWERFUL story of overcoming an extremely difficult challenge. I hope this playlist gives you perspective, confidence, and the boost you need to KEEP GOING. Always keep going. 


This podcast playlist is jam-packed full of strong, successful women who are creating and leading companies and helping to change the business landscape for the better!


This podcast playlist features women who are incredible leaders in their field. They're paving the way for the next generation through their passionate leadership. I hope this playlist inspires you to do the same!