Hi! I'm Jaremy Joy


I'm April's husband, and unlike her, I'm the kind of doctor who can actually help you in an emergency.

My wife made me this page so I'd have a link on the dinner party website because ER docs like me tend to be anti-establishment & avoid LinkedIn like the plague.


About me:

  • Born & raised in Pierre, SD (Go Governors! <--Yep, that's an actual mascot.)
  • I was a high school & college wrestler. As a result, I really love food after years of starving myself to cut weight. 
  • April & I met the old-fashioned way...on Match.com. That was back before they even had an app & you had to email back and forth. Our first date lasted 7 hours.
  • We have 1 daughter named Ripley (2 yrs old). I picked out her name when I was 14 years old after seeing Ellen Ripley kick some ass in the movie Alien. (<--This is not a joke.)
  • I work as an Emergency Medicine Doc at St. John's, St. Joe's, and Woodwinds hospitals. Don't choke tonight. My heimlich is not gentle.


Here are some things you can ask me about that will result in an interesting, potentially inappropriate story:

  • "What kind of weird things have you seen in the ER?" (I'll reply by saying, "Oh wow, I don't even know, I always forget about them right after my shift."Your follow up question is: "Your wife said you'd say that. How about telling me about one of the following:"
    • The Hmong exorcism [WARNING: highly inappropriate content]
    • The little kid with the kleenex wad stuck in her nose [super adorable story]
    • The brush tee...as in the golf tee with the bristles on it. [story that will make you feel like you've really got your shit together compared to some other people.]
  • "Why won't you take your wife to Japan?"
  • "I heard you knew a guy named GABBE (pronounced 'Gabby') in the Navy. How exactly did he get his call sign?"
    • {warning: mildly inappropriate content that is likely to lead to more inappropriate content as the conversation goes on.]



Excited to meet you all!