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I am so excited to have you as a guest on the Women Inspired! podcast! To help make your interview a success, please fill out our Guest Info Form. Take a peek at the info below to help prepare for the day of your interview.


Tips for a successful interview:

  • Audio Quality:
    • By far and away, Skype provides the best audio quality for your interview (if we can't be in person). To avoid connectivity issues, please be sure to be hard-wired into your modem, if possible. (All this means is that you connect an ethernet cord from your computer to your modem, and shut your computer's wifi off. This forces your computer to use the ethernet cord's internet connection.)
    • If possible, please wear a headset with a microphone (even the ear buds and mic you use with your phone are better than nothing)
    • Record from a quiet room with minimal background noise.
  • Perfection Not Required:
    • Your interview will be recorded (obviously!), but don't let that make you nervous! Recording means we have the option to EDIT, which is a beautiful thing. 
    • If you begin an answer and want to try it again, let me know, pause for 2 seconds, and go for it. I will remove the first attempt. No one will ever know.
    • Feel free to take a breath and take time to think before answering a question. Awkward pauses can easily be removed in post-processing.
    • In general, I like a conversational interview style. This means, you can stumble over your words a bit, and it's totally fine. I want you to sound like YOU, not a rehearsed robot.
  • Infuse Your Personality:
    • The podcast is audio only which means your voice has to convey your personality. Don't feel uncomfortable about letting your personality come through in your voice.
    • You will notice that my voice becomes more animated when I begin the actual interview. It is intentional. Audiences find it much more engaging when there is a lot of energy behind a person's voice (especially when they can't see the person who is speaking).