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We are so excited to have you as a guest on the Women Inspired! podcast! To help make your interview a success, please fill out our Guest Info Form.

Tips for a successful interview:

  • Audio Quality:
    • Skype calls result in the best audio quality, although a traditional phone call is possible as well
    • If possible, please wear a headset
    • Record from a quiet room with minimal background noise
    • Try not to move around
  • Perfection Not Required:
    • f you begin an answer and want to try it again, let me know, pause for 2 seconds, and go for it. I will remove the first attempt.
    • Feel free to take a breath and take time to think. Awkward pauses can easily be removed in post-processing.
  • Infuse Your Personality:
    • The podcast is audio only which means your voice has to convey your personality. Don't feel uncomfortable about letting your personality come through in your voice.