So good to meet you!

Photo credit: Photography from Eileen

Hi! I'm so glad you're here! This website and everything I'm working on within it began as a true passion project, and I am so excited to see how it grows in the future. 

I am a fierce advocate for women and the inherent strength we possess. I know we are all capable of massive action and massive achievement; sometimes we just need someone to throw a little gas on our fire and show us what's possible!

I know you have a dream. It's that spark of an idea that lives in the back of your mind. From time to time, it comes forward to tap you on the shoulder and remind you that it's there. Maybe it feels too big. Maybe 'now' doesn't feel like the 'right' time. Or maybe, just maybe, you're ready to take the first step. Regardless of where you're at, I've got your back. I just have one simple question for you: WHY NOT YOU?

The official stuff

In 2007, I received my Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I spent my doctoral career studying factors that uniquely impact women, particularly women in leadership positions and positions of power. After grad school, I spent about a decade in the growing field of data science

My passion for helping women achieve their goals, my analytical mind, and my insatiable curiosity to get to know people on a personal level are colliding with the work I'm doing with this community. 

What about you?

I want to get to know you. Your story. Your dreams. Your challenges. Your accomplishments. Connect with me, and let's go on this awesome journey together!