Episode 0001

Laura Zych's Miracle on the Hudson

Laura is a professional in the apparel industry. She is a surviver of an aviation disaster and of cancer, and she describes herself as a passionate apprentice in the adventure called life.

In this episode, we dive into Laura's experience as a passenger of Flight 1549 - The Miracle on the Hudson. She recounts her experience from seat 17D from the moment the birds struck the plane, to the emergency landing in the Hudson River, to the evacuation of the aircraft, and her eventual rescue by the Coast Guard.

This inspiring woman has not let her life be defined by a plane crash. She walked away with a new approach to life, and in this podcast episode, she graciously shares those lessons with us.

Photo credit: Denise Lockie

Photo credit: Denise Lockie


Learning from another woman's experiences can be incredibly valuable. One way to do so is to spend time reflecting on what you've heard. Some choose to do this through journaling, others through meditation, and still others choose to discuss topics with their friends and acquaintances. Regardless of your preferred method of reflection, I'd encourage you to think about some key messages from Laura's episode.

  • When was the last time you were afraid? How did the experience play out? Looking back, do you have a different perspective on your feelings in that moment? What would you do the same / differently next time?
  • How do you handle unexpected changes in your plans? Laura mentioned that her experience taught her to accept the unexpected and try to figure out how to succeed on a new path. How can you apply that lesson to your career and your life?
  • Laura's Power Song is 'I Lived' by OneRepublic. She talked about how the lyrics of that song include accepting everything that life has to offer, the good and the bad, because it's all part of this experience we have been given. How might that apply to you?