Episode 0002

Stephanie Dowling's Extraordinary Life

Stephanie Dowling was appointed by the Governor of Arizona as the Deputy Director for the Arizona Office of Tourism (AOT) in September 2015. In her current role as Deputy Director, her area of focus is on the strategic alignment and development of AOT's advertising, public relations and communications programs. She leads the agency in international tourism, policy and constituent and delegate relations.

Stephanie has nearly 20 years of experience in communications, public relations and advertising; of that, 10 years as a hospitality executive with Starwood Hotels working in tourism and destination marketing where she specialized in travel and tourism with destinations such as Arizona and Hawaii.

Her career started in London, England as a public relations representative for the Asian British Bank, and was nominated for two National Emmy Awards for work as a senior researcher and field producer with “NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw.” During her time with NBC, she interviewed world leaders and celebrities, covering breaking news, world events and politics. She then moved on to manage and direct public relations and marketing for Tommy Hilfiger-USA where she led the development of their first website www.tommy.com. In addition, she traveled to all fifty states to produce and manage a nationwide marketing campaign. From there, she joined New York City nonprofit, The Fresh Air Fund, where she redeveloped marketing campaigns, produced celebrity galas, and handled board relations. She then joined the team at GoDaddy to build their public relations department and set the stage for worldwide brand awareness. She then joined the team at The Art Institutes to make an impact in the secondary education world by developing award-winning brand events such as “Best Teen Chef” and nationwide art scholarship programs.

She has won several awards for her professional work and has been appointed to several boards and committees throughout her career. She is most proud of her philanthropic work with organizations focused on women and children charities.

Stephanie is passionate about travel, whether for work or personal. She loves to travel with her children and enjoys exposing them to other cultures giving them a sense of being citizens of the world. Despite her career success, she feels her real job is being a mom to her three kids. You can follow her travels on Instagram @aztravelmom and her travel industry insights on Twitter @aztravelmom. 


Learning from another woman's experiences can be incredibly valuable. One way to do so is to spend time reflecting on what you've heard. Some choose to do this through journaling, others through meditation, and still others choose to discuss topics with their friends and acquaintances. Regardless of your preferred method of reflection, I'd encourage you to think about some key messages from Stephanie's episode.

  • What are your personal pillars? Stephanie spoke about the 4 pillars she lives by. This really motivated me to think about what my own personal pillars are. Have you ever taken the time to figure out your own? How do they help you make decisions in your life and balance competing priorities? 
  • What is the biggest goal you've ever set? How does it make you feel to set a truly big goal? Do you ever experience any hesitation? Why?