Episode 0004


Photo credit:  Juan Paden

Photo credit: Juan Paden

This week's guest is professionally known as Dr. Amy Hillard -- psychology professor at Adrian College, a small college in southeast Michigan. She teaches classes like General Psychology, Social Psychology, Research Methods, and Psychology of Gender. Her research interests include prejudice and its reduction, with some research on everyday sexism and workplace issues for women.

Non-professionally, sehe is known as "Dr. Maims U" ("Maims" or "Maimy" for short) -- roller derby skater on an internationally competitive team called the Ann Arbor Derby Dimes. Her team is currently ranked #32out of 400+ leagues IN THE WORLD. Amy began her roller derby career during her last year of graduate school and is currently competing in her sixth season.


Learning from another woman's experiences can be incredibly valuable. One way to do so is to spend time reflecting on what you've heard. Some choose to do this through journaling, others through meditation, and still others choose to discuss topics with their friends and acquaintances. Regardless of your preferred method of reflection, I'd encourage you to think about some key messages from Amy's episode.

  • How do you approach new experiences? Amy discussed her mindset when she first began with Roller Derby. She wasn't quite sure how she would feel about some of the aspects of the sport (physical contact). She took a "try it and see" approach and was surprised to realize that she truly loved it! How can you use this approach to help you try new things?
  • Do you judge your body more on what it looks like or what it can do? Amy's academic research touches on objectification, and she gives us an overview of it during her episode. She ties it all back to the way that her mindset changed as she became more experienced with Roller Derby. She began focusing more and more on what her body can do, rather than what it looks like. Where do you fall on that continuum?