Episode 0009

Archimedes Has Nothing on Her

Donna Adams was born and bred in Minnesota and loves winter! She is a Software QA professional with a History degree, but that's not the focus of our interview. Rather, we spend our time talking about her experiences as a competitive powerlifter! Donna has been competing in powerlifting since May, 2015. She holds several current and past Minnesota State Powerlifting records in the Masters 1a division (ages 40-44). She plans to compete in the Masters 1b division (45-49) in 2017.

Donna is an absolute powerhouse! Through her time in the sport of powerlifting, she has discovered her own physical and mental power and is using her blog (www.donnathedestroyer.com) and its Facebook page (www.facebook.com/donnathedestroyer) to share the message of women's empowerment with others.


This week, I'm issuing 2 challenges.

  1. Use your voice! Donna is using her blog as a medium to have her voice heard and start a conversation. What causes or topics do you feel strongly about? Use your voice and make yourself heard!
  2. Harness your own power! Maybe it is physical power. Maybe it is mental power. Regardless, look for ways for you to harness your own power to make an impact. You are way more powerful than you give yourself credit for!