Episode 0026

What Would You Do If You Had $1 Million?

This week, you are going to meet Shayla, a self-proclaimed nomad. You know that old question “What would you do if you had a million dollars?” Well not one thing would change for her, and that’s exactly the way she wants it. She has very consciously created her life to be exactly as it is.

Shayla travels full-time, working and living wherever she goes, making videos along the way to tell stories about what she experiences. She doesn’t have a bucket list that she’s racing though life to complete, but instead she wants to get to know a place and feel it’s heartbeat, and that always starts with the people. She believes that you don’t get a feel for the people and the place when you just pass through and check Instagram photo ops off your list. You get a feel for the people and place when you work with them, go out with them, meet their families.

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