Episode 0038

How Can You Help? Start Small!

We've all been there. You see so many people around you who are in need, but you don't know how to help. The challenge feels so large that you think, what impact could my small actions possibly have? 

We've all been there. You're faced with a challenge that feels so risky. Your heart is telling you to give it a try, but your rational mind is telling you to hold back. Failure is a real possibility. 

This week, you're going to hear about these 2 topics from a woman who has devoted her career to giving back. 

Anna Bregier is the Director of Marketing at Cookie Cart. She is responsible for business development to support a $1.3 M annual campaign, securing cash and in-kind resources through relationships with grant funders and individual donors as well as cookie sales in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, and leads all marketing efforts for the organization. Anna brings a tremendous passion for the work of Cookie Cart, a deep connection to North Minneapolis, a goal-driven approach to fundraising, and experience raising money from individuals and special events.

Since 2010, she has supported the organization through 2 successful capacity campaigns, fully renovating the North Minneapolis bakery and adding a second branch in St. Paul (opening March 2018). Under her leadership, she has scaled annual fundraising events from $50,000 to $250,000 annually.