Episode 0043

Why You Shouldn't Settle for 'Fine'

How many times per day do you use the word 'fine?' "How are you?" "I'm fine." "How's work?" "Oh, it's fine." "How was your weekend?" "It was fine."

Talk about settling for mediocrity! What happened to GREAT?!

This week, you're going to meet Stephanie Seferian, the woman behind the blog Mama Minimalist

In her 20's she acquired two graduate degrees and taught English Literature to high school students. However, she had her first daughter in 2014 and experienced an internal crisis! She just wasn’t passionate about teaching. She left the classroom shortly after.

Stephanie dabbled in other interests: she taught group fitness classes. she wrote a novel. she seriously considered starting a dog-walking business.

But none of these things lit her up. They were all just fine.

Then one day she bought a domain name on impulse and started a blog centered around her love of simple, sustainable living.

The blog, Mama Minimalist, has snowballed in something bigger than she ever could have imagined. At its inception, Mama Minimalist was just Stephanie in front of her computer. Today, it is a hub for like-minded women dedicated to slowing down and fully experiencing the one life we have all been gifted.