Episode 0047

Lessons From A Nomad

What is the 1 experience you absolutely would love to have during your lifetime? That's where I need your head at as you listen to this week's episode.

This week, you are going to meet Tegan Henke. Tegan always wanted to travel internationally, but she never took steps to make it happen. After experiencing a divorce, she began a period of self-growth and self-reflection. Her desire to travel came roaring back, and she began to intentionally create a life that would eventually allow her to travel the world for 10 months!

Her interview is so good! Most notably, she talks about:

  • How being vulnerable and speaking her truth ultimately brought her the closest friendships she has ever had. 
  • The one lesson about people that she learned from traveling and meeting people all over the world.
  • The way we all can use prototyping to align our life with our true desires and values.

I am absolutely thrilled to introduce you to Tegan Henke!