Episode 0057

From Passion Project to Healing to Success!

On Monday I released a podcast episode urging you to take immediate action on your big goals, even if you don't feel ready, and even if you don't know what you're doing.

Did you take my advice? Have you started? Want another example to inspire you?

In today's episode, you'll meet Lee Hersh, a woman who did just that. In fact, Lee began her blog, Fit Foodie Finds as a passion project 8 years ago, without the slightest idea of how to create blog. Not only did her passion project help her recognize and heal from her own eating disorder, but it grew into a massively successful, full-time business! 

Today, Fit Foodie Finds is a lifestyle content blog featuring healthy recipes, travel tips, and exercise programs, all with an eye toward helping people cultivate an enjoyable, balanced, healthy lifestyle. And, Lee herself has grown into a true social media influencer. Her Instagram account boasts over 134,000 followers!

We had an amazingly fun conversation! I feel like we hit all the bases, including:

  • How she started her passion project before she was ready and before she knew exactly what to do, and why you should too!
  • Why she doesn't plan too far into the future, and what she does instead.
  • What it means to be open, authentic, and vulnerable on social media...instead of curating our best moments (#nofilter).
  • The fact that you only live once, and finding a career that you enjoy is so critically important!

There is so much value in this episode, and I know you are going to love to get to know Lee Hersh!