Episode 0059

How to Beat the Negativity Addiction

Your mind can be your best, most powerful asset, or if left unchecked, it can be your worst enemy. 

In this mini-episode of the Women Inspired podcast, I'm diving into something I'm calling the Negativity Addiction. Our tendency to to automatically and more easily perceive negative events and details in the world around us. 

We fall prey to the negativity addiction in our own lives when we focus on the small negative events that happen to us on a daily basis. And, by doing that, we train our brain to form a habit to seek out more negativity in our everyday lives.

We also fall prey to the negativity addiction when we bring negativity into other people's lives through our interactions with them. 

In this episode, I challenge you to take on a new mindset practice. I challenge you to focus on the positive. Carve a new habit in your brain, and tell your mind that you have a new goal for it to seek out. The more you intentionally focus on the positive, the more it will become habitual and automatic. And that, my friends, is when your life changes. 

This mini-episode has the power to alter and improve the way you experience your day to day life. I hope you'll dive in with me!