Episode 0061

Learning to Trust Your Gut

Isn't it funny how we don't think twice about helping someone else, but we so frequently put our needs on the back-burner? Whenever you fly to go somewhere, they always tell you to put your own oxygen mask on before assisting others, yet so few of us actually put that idea into practice in our lives.

This week, you're going to meet a woman who learned to heal herself while she was trying to help heal her sister. 

Alyssa Labrecque is a Nutritionist and owner of Soul Food Nutritionista. With a strong family history of irritable bowel disease and years of thinking her constipation, fatigue and extra weight were "normal", Alyssa went on a mission to stop dragging herself through the day and to transform her body by learning how to love and trust her guts!

After healing herself from an abusive relationship, she intimately experienced the close link between our emotions and our physiological symptoms. This link is an important part of the work she does today. 

Today, she is helping people to banish the gas, and ending the diarrhea and constipation so they can fit in their clothes, feel normal and start living their life again.

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