Episode 0062

How to Live Your Best Life After Adversity

Unfortunately, it's a near certainty that every single one of us will face some serious adversity in our lives. That might come in the form of a medical diagnosis, an accident, the loss of a job or a loved one, or something else.

The fact that the adverse situation happens to us is one thing, what we choose to do afterward, is another thing entirely.

What if you could THRIVE after adversity? What if an adverse event could be the very thing that reignites the passion in your soul and realigns you to what is really important?

I certainly experienced that on two separate occasions in my life, and this week's guest had the very same experience after she received a serious health diagnosis. 

This week, you will meet Karen Magill. She woke up one morning to near crippling levels of paralysis, with no idea what was happening to her. 

Eventually, she got her diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis. Because of the effects of MS, she was forced to leave the work force in the year 2000 and had go on private disability....and take a 30% cut in income. In 2002, Karen filed for bankruptcy.

Karen knew the that dealing with the struggle and anxiety of her financial situation was not the way to live, so she took charge of her situation. She got herself out of debt and is now helping other people do the same. 

In her words, "You can't go after your goals if you're disabled by debt." That is so true.

I'm thrilled for you to meet Karen Magill!