Episode 0064

Authenticity is the Foundation of Confidence

Have you ever considered the link between authenticity and confidence?

It is so hard to be confident when we’re masking who we really are. In other words, it is hard to be confident when our insides don’t match our outsides.

This is one of the key topics we’re exploring in this week’s podcast episode.

This week you’re going to meet Susan Denk. Susan is a 38-year veteran of the construction industry and is the owner and general manager of White Crane Construction LLC, founded in 2002. 

Susan's confidence radiates from her during this interview, and she sheds light on exactly where that confidence came from. She worked hard to reconcile her outward identity with the woman inside of her, and it was only when she was able to live authentically that she was able to cultivate her strong sense of confidence.

We also talked about her dedication to mentorship and the impact it has had on her life and on the lives of the women she mentors. What an important topic for us to talk about in the context of starting big projects and going after big goals!

Susan is a Board of Trustee and past Board Chair of the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota. The group’s vision is a world of equal opportunity where women and girls – and all people – hold the power to create and live safe, prosperous lives. Susan is the Minneapolis III & VII Chapter Chair for the Women Presidents’ Organization. The organization works to accelerate business growth, enhance competitiveness and promote economic security through confidential and collaborative peer-learning groups. Susan is a past board chair of the YWCA Minneapolis, and in 2014, she completed a $28 million capital campaign as a campaign co-chair.