Episode 0065

The Power of Women Supporting Women

This week's episode is all about women supporting other women using the power of the all-mighty dollar. 

Did you know that if we simply bought our tampons (JUST TAMPONS!) from women-owned businesses, it would drive $2.7 BILLION more into women-owned businesses than all of venture capital in 2017?! Those are some powerful tampons!!

Those of you who have taken big leaps know how scary it can be to go after your dreams, and you probably also know how amazing it is to have the support of those around you.

Support and tribe make all the difference.

It is this reason why I am so excited about what Kateri Ruiz and Angel Rowell are doing with their new venture, Maia! Maia is a directory of women-owned businesses, and Kateri and Angel created it to help connect these businesses with consumers who want to support businesses that align with their values.

Our dollars are powerful!

MAIA was born when Kateri came to the realization that 83% of her household was female, yet she wasn't showing her four daughters a world where women had equal representation. From this realization she and her husband, Jason, created their personal challenge–83% of the things they purchased or consumed would be owned and operated by women. Failure was the result of this challenge. Not one to be easily deterred, Kateri decided to create a woman-owned business directory that gave consumers free access and woman-owned businesses visibility. Along the way she partnered with Angel Rowell and together they co-own MAIA.

Angel is an unshakeable optimist. She is passionate about shattering the glass ceiling, cultivating genuine relationships, and inspiring others to challenge themselves every single day. Despite being a self-proclaimed health nut, Angel never passes up an opportunity to indulge in donuts or gelato. She has insatiable wanderlust and hopes to eventually grow roots in Colorado. She comes with a background in management and marketing, and went to school for photography–her one true love…besides her husband.