Episode 0068

Network Like an Expert!

Let's be honest. For so many of us, the mere idea of networking makes us curl up our lip in revolt. 

The idea of milling around in a room, full of people wearing "Hello, my name is..." name tags, trying to muster up the confidence to had your business card to the V.P. of So-and-So who is standing across the room.

If we're being really honest, that sense of dread arises because we're so focused on what we can get out of the situation.

This week's guest asks you to flip the script. Rather than thinking about networking as a way to get something, she suggests approaching it as a way to give something. As a way to cultivate real, authentic connections. Imagine that.

Jennifer Kroiss is a networking expert, and an entrepreneurial business coach.

During our conversation, we hit on so many amazing topics, including:

  • How to approach networking from a place of service. Asking yourself, "How can I be of value to this person?" rather than, "What can I get out of this person?"
  • We talked about the importance of getting 100% clear on what you want your business to look like. So many of Jennifer's entrepreneurial clients experience overwhelm when they begin entertaining work that falls outside of their passion and their vision.
  • We also talked about the importance of understanding how others might show up to a situation and how that might be different from the way we show up. As an Insights Discovery coach, Jennifer helps people work together in more productive ways, using this powerful tool. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur, or you're simply interested in making more real, authentic connections with other people, this is the episode for you.