Episode 0069

Intentional Life [Re]Design

We all likely know what it's like to look around at our life and want to make some changes. 

This week's guest takes that notion to an entirely new, courageous level. For 12 years Nichole Carlson had the American Dream with the husband, house, and career – but she was miserable.

It wasn’t until after her mom passed away at only 47 she realized life was short. She got a divorce and sold her house. One day she quit her job, sold her car an hour later and the next day she was on a one-way ticket to Spain and traveled for the next 10 years. She even got to the point where she was homeless and eating out of dumpsters.

She was standing in line at a soup kitchen when she thought, “I’ve had it all and I was unhappy and empty. I have nothing and I’m happy. And now that I know what it takes to truly be happy, I can rebuild my life on my terms.”

She went back and intentionally rebuilt her life. 

This episode is packed with incredibly deep discussions about the topics that we all need to keep in mind:

  • Life is so short - Confronting the notion that your life is short can help you face your fears and be honest with yourself and live authentically.
  • Self neglect & self care - It serves no one to neglect ourselves. It is absolutely worth it to take care of yourself! This is especially so if you're in a caregiving role.
  • Life design requires intention - If you want to see change and improvement in your life, you have to make intentional changes. 

I hope this episode helps you think critically and honestly about your life and helps set you on the path toward alignment.