Episode 0073

Borrow My Belief!

Once in a while, lightning strikes, and the right person waltzes into our lives at exactly the right time, and things are never the same again. This week, you get to meet an incredible woman who was one of those lightning bolts for me.

Gretchen Heinen is someone who doesn't settle for mediocre. She has changed careers three times in pursuit of a life that has worth and value while simultaneously serving in areas her heart is passionate about.

She was a microbiologist, registered nurse and now entrepreneur helping people improve their health and finances. She believes that good financial health is imperative to health in the rest of the areas of life.

She helps run a free Facebook group called Find Your Fit and also is the host of the podcast Net Worth It where she interviews people who have radically changed their life and how they view money to improve their net worth. 

Her episode is one of the meatiest, most value-packed episodes I've ever released. You are not going to want to miss it!

Here are a few highlights:

  • Why and how she walked away from her stable, successful career as a nurse
  • The impact of other people's judgements and opinions on our own success and life vision
  • How to improve your own money mindset to ultimately impact your net worth in astounding ways
  • Extremely practical, quick, & easy tips for improving your health and wealth

I absolutely adore Gretchen for a million reasons and am so grateful she stepped into my life. I'm thrilled to share her with you!