Episode 0082

Permission to Know, Be, & Do You

Is this all there is? How many of you have examined your life and asked yourself that exact question? Be honest.

The thing is, many of us shared at least some of the following life goals:

  • Graduate from college

  • Score a great job & start climbing the corporate ladder

  • Get married

  • Buy a house

  • Have a/some kid(s)

Maybe you didn’t have all of those goals, but you certainly had your own list. And, after we achieved our list of goals, many of us found ourselves looking around wondering, is that it? Is there no more to life?

So many of us can easily fall into that trap of thinking, “I’ll be happy when…” but the thing is, many times, it’s the journey that makes us happy. It’s the feeling that we have something we’re striving for. It’s the passion that comes from working toward something meaningful.

This week, we’re talking about that very topic.

As it turns out, we never stop searching for meaning in our lives. As soon as we achieve a goal, many times, we feel the void open because, we never lose the urge to strive for meaning. And here’s the kicker: the way we derive meaning is different for each of us.

This week’s episode is a giant permission slip. Stephanie Pierce and I are giving you permission to take the time to really think about who you are, what makes you happy, and permission to go after it.

Who is Stephanie Pierce?

Stephanie Pierce is an HR Director in Talent Management for General Mills. She recently took a sabbatical from her job to pursue her passion of bringing women together to make meaningful connections and find support in a diverse group of women.