Episode 0084

The Beauty of Imperfection

How many hats do you wear on a daily basis? How much responsibility do you shoulder as a result? Do you find yourself rushing from task to task, feeling harried, stressed, and stretched thin as you attempt to get it all done?

So many of us feel this way. We strive to perfectly get everything done, and as a result, we run ourselves ragged.

But, let me ask you this: What are you missing out on because of it?

What if you’re missing out on the small, truly meaningful moments that happen each day? Moments with your family. Moments in nature. Moments when you’re alone.

We each only get 1 life, and those small, meaningful moments are the ones that truly make us feel alive. Yet, we rush past them without giving them the attention they deserve, because we have no attention left to give after we’ve given all of it away to the million tasks we try to single-handedly accomplish on a daily basis.

In this week’s episode, I’m urging you to rebalance.

This week, you will meet a woman who reached her breaking point within her family and went on strike. That’s right, she marched out of her house and sat in her front yard for a week in protest of the unequal balance of duties in her household.

And, in doing so, she and her husband learned more about themselves, about each other, and about the beautiful imperfection of life than they ever thought possible.

This week, I am so happy to introduce you to Nicole Hogan.

From the ashes of her experience on strike, a new project is rising: Housewife on Strike. She is cultivating a community where women can share their struggles and their stories of imperfection in order to give and receive support from one another.

That is the beauty of imperfection.