Episode 0087

How a Non-Tech-Savvy Group of Friends Created a Technology Company to Serve Others

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’ve taken on a big project at work or have decided to chase after a big goal. (Hooray! GO YOU!) As you’re going, you inevitably run into snags, barriers, and your own limitations along the way.

You find yourself floundering because you aren’t sure how to move past those barriers….and the self-doubt kicks in. “See, you aren’t cut out for this. There’s no way you’ll get there - you can’t get past this obstacle.”

Or, maybe you persist and reach out to others for help! Maybe they help you, and you continue to make progress….but the self-doubt kicks in. “See, you aren’t cut out for this. You didn’t have what it takes and had to rely on other people to keep you going.”

We’ve all been there.

This week, I’m going to urge you to take your victory lap anyway!

This week, I’m featuring the incredible story of a group of friends who started a technology company, even though they admit that they aren’t tech-savvy.

This week, I’m chatting with Acacia Sieling and Bre Blaskey of Mindful Menu. Their company helps families meal plan, shop, prepare, and eat healthy meals, in spite of our busy lives that can get in the way.

What began as a simple emailed PDF has turned into a fully-functioning app on the app store, and the path these women took to get there is nothing short of an INSPIRATION!

They had an end goal in mind that none of them knew how to reach on their own. With some creative Googling and some help from their friends and family, these 5 friends achieved their dream!

At the end of this episode, I have a special message to you about taking your victory lap, even if you needed help along the way.

Thanks for listening!