Episode 0089

It’s Never Too Late to Design the Life of Your (Halcyon) Dreams

The barriers you believe stand in the way of you going after your dreams are merely untested assumptions.


That was my massive take-away from this week’s podcast interview with Jessica Dawson, otherwise known as Halcyon Dreams.

Let that sink in for a second. '

You’re not moving forward because you think other people will judge you? That’s just an untested assumption. You don’t know what other people are going to think (nor should you care, btw). You’re not moving forward because you think some aspect is going to be too hard to learn? Another untested assumption.

This week, as you listen to my interview with Jessica, I urge you to bring forward that big goal you have filed away in the back corners of your mind. Think about the barriers that you believe are standing in your way. Then, ask yourself this:

How many of those barriers are simply untested assumptions?

Then go one question further:

What am I missing out on by assuming I’m going to fail?

This week, you’ll be inspired by Jessica’s story of reinvention. In the last year (in her late 30’s, mind you), she started her fashion blog, landed a modeling contract, became a fashion influencer, and began working with brands like Ann Taylor. She did all of this despite being “too old,” having kids, being married, having a full-time job, and being afraid of what others would think of her.

Today, she is inspiring women to step into their own personal style, and through her blog and Instagram account, she’s making the world a more joyful, beautiful place.

I can’t wait for you to meet Jessica Dawson!