Episode 0091

Focus on Your EFFORT, Not on the OUTCOME

I want you to think back to a time that you had to do something truly hard. A time when you found yourself in really difficult circumstances. A time when a ‘successful’ outcome wasn’t guaranteed, or even at all likely.

How did you judge yourself in that situation?

Did you do what I, and so many other people, tend to do and judge yourself by the outcome of that situation? If things didn’t go smoothly or end up in a good place, did you judge yourself accordingly?

How different would you have felt if you would have judged yourself based on your EFFORT, rather than on the OUTCOME?

That notion came up in this week’s podcast interview with Amy B. Butler, and it stopped me in my tracks.

You see, Amy is a Mitigation Specialist/Dispositional Advisor that provides criminal defense attorneys with assistance in some of their most difficult cases. She helps uncover the whole story behind what an accused person may have done, and she has the difficult responsibility of recommending to the judge how the person should be handled going forward.

She has been involved in some incredibly difficult cases, and the outcome doesn’t always go in her favor.

In my interview with Amy, we get into some amazing topics:

  • The importance of radical responsibility

  • The role that gratitude plays in moving through difficult circumstances

  • The power in judging your EFFORT, not the OUTCOME

I can’t wait for you to meet Amy B. Butler!