Episode 0093

Life Design: Regret is More Powerful than Fear

It’s a very special time of year. As the year winds down, we all naturally begin taking stock of our lives and thinking about the direction we want to go in the year to come.

What do you want to do? Not the little things. The BIG thing? What’s the thing you know you want but are afraid to do?

What if you could get to a place where the regret of not doing that BIG thing was greater than the fear you feel about trying it?

What if you just didn’t look at the entirety of that BIG thing and simply focused on the next step you needed to take?

What if you decided that THIS WAS THE YEAR?

This week, I had such an amazing time chatting with Sara Grey, the founder of FiTonic. In her 20s, Sara was a broke single-mother, working as a waitress on welfare insurance, sleeping with her infant son in her arms on a family member’s couch. When her son was 5-months old, she enrolled in law school, determined to provide for him. After graduating with honors, she joined a prestigious law firm as a litigator and developed a successful career. She is now the mother of four sons, married to her best friend and workout partner, and crushing new goals every day.

Sara is a beautiful example of life design if I’ve ever seen one! Step by step, bit by bit, she CREATED the life she wanted to have.


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