Episode 0094

How one physician is designing the next chapter of her life

Every once in a while, I hear from a listener whose story is so inspiring that I absolutely have to have them on a podcast episode.

This week’s episode came about in exactly that way!

This week, you’re going to hear from Melissa Kwak. She is a family physician, but more importantly, she is a perfect example of someone who is following the principles of life design to create the next chapter of her life.

The thing is, she began feeling the burnout that so many physicians experience. She knew that she could be of more value to the world, and she had the audacious goal of changing the healthcare industry for the better.

This week’s episode is so special because it is a perfect example of someone who hasn’t yet “made it.” Melissa is at the very beginning of her journey, but you can absolutely feel how much intention and thought she’s putting into her next steps.

I hope Melissa serves as an example of the power of life design to transform your day-to-day life experience.


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