Episode 0099

LOVE: Live Open, Value Everything

When was the last time you were immersed in your work, a task, a hobby, a something, and time seemed to stand still? You know that feeling. The feeling of FLOW, when you feel like you could do something forever, simply because it brings you so much joy.

This week, you’re going to meet a woman who went on an intentional quest to find FLOW, and now she’s sharing what she learned with the world in her new book:

Kindle Your Flow

Eva Payne is the founder of Project Kindle, a non-profit organization that supports kids who are infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS. After building that organization, she found herself at a crossroads when her marriage ended.

She began searching for the next chapter of her career that would look and feel as joyful as she felt when she was building Project Kindle.

That’s when the idea for Color Flow Life came to her, and she has been running with it ever since.

In Eva’s interview, we talk about how important it is to SOCIETY for all of us to live in a state of flow as often as possible and how we need to give ourselves permission to be completely authentic.

We talked about how dangerous it can be to create a fake persona on social media and the psychological impact that can have.

Finally, Eva shares with us practical tips that we can all use to cultivate our own sense of flow in our lives.

I can’t wait for you to meet Eva Payne!

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