Episode 0114

Eight Ways to Rock Your Own World

Every once in a while, we get to meet someone so multifaceted and interesting that they shift the way we think about the number of paths we can take during our lifetime.

This week’s interview was one of those conversations for me.

This week, you’re going to meet Sheira Brayer. Sheira is an empowerment speaker, an award-winning songwriter, the author of the book “Motiv8: 8 Ways to Rock Your Own World,” and a mom.

Sheira is on a mission to educate, guide, and inspire mothers and their young daughters with the tools and skills they need to feel better in their own skin!

Imagine that! Focusing on one of the most important relationships we’ll ever have - the one we have with ourselves!

Imagine if every single person in the world made it their mission to understand, support, and love themselves as fully as they possibly could. Imagine how different our world would be?!

I absolutely adored this conversation! Not only is Sheira so entertaining to chat with, but she takes such a creative approach toward the empowerment work she does. Yes, her curriculum is incredible, but the way she infuses her musical ability into it to generate even bigger results is just remarkable.

I know you’re going to love this conversation! In particular, we touch on:

  • Self Awareness - I am willing to bet that I could pick almost anyone at random off of the street and they could benefit from increasing their level of self-awareness. This is one of the areas where we “don’t know what we don’t know,” and the more time and effort you put toward getting to know yourself at a deep and intimate level, the better chance you have of living in alignment with that authentic person inside of you.

  • Self Beliefs - The views you have about yourself will impact the way you interact with others. Isn’t that profound?! Not only do we project our own beliefs onto other people, but once we understand where our motivations and habits come from, we can start to understand why other people might act and react the way that they do. Talk about a way to foster compassion and empathy!

  • Personal Development - Friends, I got on a soapbox with this one. So many times, people down-play the impact of working on yourself. Of becoming a better person. Of showing up in the best way you possibly can. I’ll circle back to something I said before - IMAGINE IF EVERYONE DID! We’d live in such a more vibrant, incredible world. So, from that perspective, self-improvement is not selfish, it’s a good deed we’re all doing for society.

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