Episode 0115

How to Go After Your BIGGEST Goals!

What is your biggest goal?

Nope, I mean your BIGGEST GOAL?

The one that is so big that it scares you?

That’s the one I want you to have in mind as you listen to this week’s episode.

This week, I have the incredible honor of chatting with a powerhouse friend of mine, Bri Seeley.

Like many of us, Bri once lived in the land of 'should.' After completing two degree’s in fashion design, she built her own fashion label from the ground up and was convinced fashion was her path. Except, it didn't feel right.

Bri took the leap to close her fashion brand and follow her soul’s calling: to become a business and transformational coach.

Since then, she has coached thousands of people around the world, has been featured on the Today Show, in Forbes, and in so many other media outlets.

Bri is the author of the book “Permission to Leap,” and her passion is helping people reach their goals and live their truth, unapologetically.

You’re going to love this one!

We hit so many powerful topics:

  • How identity can hold us back. I’m going to have to do a whole episode on this soon. Bottom line, if you believe you can do something or you believe you can’t do something, you’re right. Your concept of your identity and what “people like you” are capable of will dictate how high you can fly.

  • Give yourself permission to want what you want. Sometimes we feel ashamed at the size of our goals or at the outcome we truly want to shoot for. STOP! Give yourself permission to want that huge salary, to want that perfect job, to want that expensive bag, etc.

  • Your brain can be your biggest asset - USE IT. Your brain has an incredible ability to goal-seek, but it needs a crystal clear target to go after. If you can give your mind a clear target of what you want it to get for you, it’ll do its job and find opportunities, people, circumstances, and events that align with the thing you want. Let your brain goal-seek for you.

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