Episode 0118

How Self-Identity Shapes our Behavior and Holds Us Back

Fill in the blank: I’m the type of person who __________.

Are you the type of person who takes risks? Makes a lot of money? Needs the support of other people? Is brave?

The way you instinctively answer these questions can tell you a lot about your self-identity, and this is what we’re zeroing in on for this special mini episode of the podcast.

Here’s what we’re digging into:

  • What is our self-identity? From a Cognitive Psych perspective, we’re digging into what our self-identity actually is and how it was formed. As it turns out, our minds are powerful, but not that sophisticated.

  • How our self-identity shapes our behavior. Your self-identity is one of the things that draws a line around your comfort zone. It keeps you safe, but it also holds you back. We’re digging into how that happens.

  • How to reach your true potential, in spite of your self-identity. The self-limiting parts of our identities can keep us from reaching our true potential, but there is hope! This is why I’ve created the free download you can snag for yourself on the right side of this page. Drop me your email address, and I’ll give you instant access to a link to download this free workbook.

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