Episode 0122

A Master Class in Reinvention and Website SEO

Life Design

Have you ever wanted to reinvent yourself?

Have you ever felt like the path you’re on used to be what you wanted to do, but it just isn’t anymore?

And if so, have you ever felt like you needed permission to make a pivot like that?

If any of that resonates, this episode is for YOU!

This week, you’re going to meet Melissa McGraw. Melissa
 created The Creative Potential after being burnt out working for someone else. Through her own struggles, she realized she had something to offer.

With passion, she formed the go-to source for entrepreneurs with a creative side to have practical action steps on how to build their business successfully.

Beyond a discussion about entrepreneurship, this episode is a discussion about REINVENTION.

In this episode we cover:

  • How it’s never too late to reinvent yourself and do something that makes you feel more ALIVE! ….and how you do NOT need anyone’s permission to do so!

  • Your mind is your biggest asset or your worst liability…and you get to decide which route it takes. Your mind evolved to keep you alive, not to help you THRIVE. It takes intentional work to make your mind work in your favor and set up a day-t0-day life that is vibrant and aligned.

  • Entrepreneurs - at its heart, business is simply a solution to people’s problems. Every successful business simply pairs 2 things: an audience and a solution to a problem they have. Thinking about business in this way will help you craft your SEO, and it’ll help you talk about your product or solution in a way that resonates with your potential customers.


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