Episode 0124

A New Direction

Life Design

Friends, I have an announcement, and because you have been along this journey with me, I want you to hear it first.

The podcast is pivoting.

As you know, I have been cultivating my work more and more in the direction of psychological strength and life design.

Specifically, recently I partnered with Ashley Smith to form Peak Mind: The Center for Psychological Strength. Our goal is to bring rigor and scientific-backing to the personal development space by offering content around the tools, techniques, and concepts from the fields of Psychology and Life Design.

Think of us as a gym membership for your mind.

We know from recent research that our minds are much more malleable than we once thought, and through intentional mental exercises, we can strengthen our resilience, confidence, and ability to weather and thrive through life’s ups and downs. That is psychological strength!

To align with the important mission behind that work. as of August 1, the Women Inspired podcast will be rebranded as the “Building Psychological Strength” podcast.

My goal will be to feature guests and concepts that will help you build resilience, confidence, and mental stamina to help you thrive throughout your daily life.

This could take the form of expert interviews about core concepts of psychological strength or inspiring stories of people who have thrived through adversity. The end goal will be to leave you with tangible tips on how you can build your own psychological strength.

I can’t tell you how many mixed emotions I have about all of this.

I’m so sad to leave behind a brand that has been so near and dear to my heart.

But, at the same time, I am being called so strongly to do this work, and I want to put all of my attention and energy behind it. I know the world can benefit from it.

I hope you’ll listen in to this episode to learn more, and I so hope you’ll continue to follow me into the new dawn of the podcast, coming in August.


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