Episode 0125

How One Mom Quit her 9-5 and How You Can Too

Life Design

So many people secretly hold the goal of leaving their 9-5 job to work for themselves, but the leap from traditional employment to an entrepreneurial gig can feel so big and scary!

This week’s guest is going to put it into perspective for you in a way that no one else really does.

This week, you’re going to meet Michelle Evans!

Michelle is an entrepreneur in the online marketing space who helps other companies steadily attract new clients through online marketing funnels.

What’s amazing about this interview though is the approach Michelle took toward becoming an entrepreneur. It is NOT the slash and burn, abruptly quit your job one day sort of story.

Rather, Michelle worked with a career coach, got to know herself really well, then began creating her dream job alongside her 9-5 job. This allowed her to build her business without the pressure of making it sustain her for all of her financial needs.

What a different perspective than what you typically hear, huh?!

Here’s what we dig into:

  • Alignment to your values & strengths - Michelle’s journey away from her 9-5 job began when she got clear about her own, personal values and strengths. This happens to be the very first step of the life design process!

  • Self-awareness - We’re incredibly bad at knowing ourselves. Isn’t that crazy?! Even when it seems like we know ourselves well, it’s astonishing how much lies under the murky surface. It’s so elusive, yet so important. You’ll definitely want to catch this part of the conversation.

  • So many obstacles are manufactured - We find any reason we can to give us a reason to step back into our comfort zone, and many times, that comes in the form of manufactured “obstacles.” This part of the conversation could change your life. 



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