Episode 0128

Listen to This Before You Give Up On Your Dream

Life Design

Think of your biggest dream. Your biggest goal.

The one that makes you quiver because you KNOW you don’t completely have what it takes to accomplish it.

The one where the path feels completely obscure, and maybe you can only see the first step or two.

That’s the size of the goal I want you to have in mind when you listen to today’s episode with Rachel Nearhood.

Rachel is the founder of Ellie and Ott, a subscription that gives parents a month-by-month game plan to enhance playtime with their little ones and to hone their parenting chops.

Yes, Ellie and Ott is an incredible business, but where Rachel and I dig in today is in her journey toward creating this incredible business.

Specifically, we touch on:

  • Her original idea and the fact that she had to pivot and change it to make it successful. (NOTE: No where in that sentence did I utter the word “fail” the way that some people would think about this type of pivot.)

  • How little she knew how to do in the beginning and how she went about figuring everything out along the way.

  • Where she sees herself taking this business in the future!

You guys are going to love this inspirational episode with Rachel.

Think of your biggest dream, and listen to this before you ever give up on it.


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