Episode 0129

The Foundations for Your Success

Life Design

This week we’re digging into some of those times in life when our feelings and needs can feel really opaque and complex.

Those times when you feel friction, but you’re having a difficult time pointing to exactly why you feel friction.

Those times when the friction you feel causes you to feel guilty because you don’t realize that the emotions you’re feeling are totally normal, expected, and common for the situation you’re in.

This episode is for you if you’ve ever been in that situation.

This week, you’ll meet Lisa Hyde. She is the author of BE #StrongHER, a guide to building confidence, an entrepreneur, beauty, health and wellness expert, retail trend spotter, sought-after public speaker, and advisor to the next-generation of entrepreneurs with The Confidence Crown podcast.

Lisa offers hard-won wisdom gleaned from working as a Talent Agent and manager for 12 years as well as more than seven years experience as an entrepreneur.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Taking care of others is incredibly difficult and taxing. It’s important to realize that you’ll likely have some contradictory emotions. Being grateful for the ability to care for someone else while simultaneously NEEDING a break is so normal.

  • Your situation isn’t permanent. When you’re on the other side of caring for someone else, when you’re ready, it’s important to explore who we are. Remember those pieces of you that you set aside to care for someone else? They’re likely still there.

  • The golden hour. By this, I mean the first hour of your day. That hour is absolutely precious because it sets the stage for your entire day. My life changed when I began taking advantage of my golden hour.


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