Episode 0131

I’m a Yes for LOVE

Life Design

What do you stand for? What are you willing to show up for in the world?


What are you NOT willing to show up for?

This week’s guest on the podcast had to ask herself that important question as she went through one of the most challenging parts of her life - a health battle with her brand new baby.

At the most challenging part of her life, Danielle Jokinen had to decide what she stood for, and more importantly, what she DIDN’T stand for, and that’s an exercise we ALL should go through.

Danielle is a certified yoga teacher and the owner of Minnesota Power Yoga, a babtiste yoga affiliate. She is also the creator of the yoga method called YOD, which combines traditional yoga with HIIT to create an unforgettable and effective workout.

In her episode we hit on some very powerful lessons:

  • The importance of mindfulness (through breath and body work) as you move through adversity.

  • Moving through adversity with intention.

  • Choosing LOVE when everything else around you might be falling apart.

This episode is so powerful, and I encourage you to listen and ask yourself:

What do I stand for?


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